Loves Hate Dance

As my heart sways back and forth with the midsummer's breeze,
I'm finding it hard to begin to breath.
Make way for the midnight showers my eyes bring too,
Breaking away at the flood gates to a water so cool and smooth.
Lost in a sea of passion, hurt, and confusion,
Feel the deterioration shaking, rocking, causing chaos and delusion.
My body grows numb in an attempt to redeem its self,
Death creeps within my throat dry and brittle while crying for help.
Heart bring forth the bob wire and mind safe lock the pass code,
It takes two to tango but this dance grew old long ago.
As I open my mouth in an attempt to explain,
My mind, body and soul shrieks in pain.
My words fall short through a prolonged silence,
All attempts failed, death island.
I can feel the sweat trickle down my forehead,
Stained with the color of passion, blood red.
White lights and dark knights,
Painful fights and blinded sights.
One day this will all end,
But we switch to the waltz until then.

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