Love’s Lament

Midnight shadows haunt me across the distant expanse of time,
As Moonlight Lady sings her love songs to my broken heart.
Her hand is hidden from my face and her caress escapes me.
Betrayed by her seductive charms, I lie alone.
Her melody, her song is bottled up within me.
My heart is full of pain, betrayed by her deceptive kiss.
The darkness of my cocoon engulfs me in a shroud of rejection,
and my sad sojourn has taken me to the pits of despair.
My memories taunt me with a laughing sneer.
Fool am I, lost on my captain ship going fast to nowhere.
If I could turn back time I would throw caution to the wind
and conquer her heart as my own.
Then would my days be bright and my nights would be peaceful.
My poet song would echo across the distant rainbow valley
and Cupid would be my faithful companion, happiness my friend.
Instead of the songbird poet spreading melodies to hearts afar,
I lie broken and forsaken at the foot of Heartbreak Hill.
Like Humpty Dumpty I am a broken man in a shell
and the Queen of Heart's horses trample me underfoot.
My punishment is complete. Her memory torments me.
I languish alone mocked by love's foreign whisper.
Rejected, naked and buried, my heart is laid to rest.
Loneliness beckons me to come and I cry her song in the night.
Hope drowns in my bottle of tears, my book of remembrance is full.
Separated from love's desire that is ever around yon corner.
I cry in my midnight musings with no ears to hear my sad lament.

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