Love’s Nightmare

Dreamt last night of a gentleman
with great beauty in his soul & strength in his heart.
Most knew he had something special within him
they've never experienced before.
He was something of an angel, or sorts.
He's walked through hell's fires & torment.
He's been burnt, & lost his wings,
as a rough life of trust & faith
have tested him & clipped them.
He only wishes happiness for himself & others.
However, tests have put him in a life of seclusion.
He looks up many moments throughout the day,
soul bleeding tears,
his spirit aching in pain for someone to save him.
But who will?
Angel with no wings,
trying to find his way home,
home to peace & happiness,
home & into the arms of those that love him,
in the arms of someone
always ready to catch this dove
no longer capable of flying high as the heavens.
My knees have gave out long ago,
but you've carried me when I've felt lost & left.
I feel like I've not gained my strength.
I keep fighting,
but feel weak as I carry on fighting my demons.
But, nevertheless, muster my strength
to carry on with faith.

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