Love’s Real

Interrupted like a light storm blowing through the night
You entered and changed my life
I thought it could never be again then I realized it was never
The way it should have been in the first place.
It’s that look, that smile that gentle touch, it’s the way
You take your hands and gently caress my face
When you look at me, I know you see me. Not just the
Outer appearance but you really see me; the person I am, the person
I will become over the years
I know with all my heart you will always be there and for that
I have no fears.
To what does a person use when love is measured?
Material things, emotional balance, to fill a void, or a deep longing Pleasure?
We can be with one another as Adam was to Eve
Innocent in love and naïve!
It’s like that first crush that made your tummy all butterflies
That first kiss … and the sparkles in your eyes
This is how I see you; this is how I see us
Knowing that one day, we’ll be old together
And it will be our kids that will make a fuss!
They will look at you and I and then look at their own life
Perhaps they pattern their life after the example we set
And look at their partner and thank God they met.
It’s like a generator cycling our love with life’s ups and downs
All spinning like a merry go round. The exciting thing about it; there’s
Something new each and every day! Something you say, I say that will make us
Go WOW! To the little jokes that make us laugh out loud
I know this is real and something that will last and forever remain
When you and I unite and I have your last name!

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