Loves Storm

Are you trying to push me away
Because that’s what you are doin
And it feel effortlessly
Ding ding the Match is over
and you have won and left our relationship on the floor
Proud heavyweight champion of fuckin over something life long
You probably don’t care
Alone is your best
Distance is what u find comfort
There is no comfort here
Just a ground covered in eggshells
And my hands bloody because that’s all I have to walk with
My emotions turn rock hard at every
“I’m sorry”
I hold them in
“Its ok”
Because I’ll rather sit down on my stance
Than stand up to your apologies
They’re accepted
Without hesitation
I want your love to strangle me until I give you every breath of regret
Because I am no longer me I am you
The worst part is
I love u more than enough to nurture to your childhood wounds and create timeless bandages so u never have to worry about your falls
I’m am you parachute willing to escort you safely to love
But what about me am I your pain clinic where u come with all the bad baggage, receive a necessary high and I heal u up front
Where is my pain
Down below my stomach where my heart hides
Or chunged in my throat afraid to speak up on things because “ maybe sometimes I need to just shut up”
Do I not deserve comfort
In the middle of your tornado
I look to you in the eye of the storm
Just to be thrown back into the chaos
Help me I Whisper to myself
A self that is long gone
Help me
Anyone hears the screams ripping me apart
I pray for us you know
I pray u let me know if this is real
If all of the hard work I put in will pay off
I pray your troubles leave you
So you can give me the treatment desperately needed
I’ve been an emotional punching bag to love
He hurt me but I can’t get enough
Am I the problem
Is there something I did wrong
Help me
You’re finally the person I needed you to be
Now help me
Repair what u broke
Give me back time you took
Take back to the Insecurities you dug in me
Give me back who I was
And I promise things will get better
I helped you
Now heal me
Please heal me

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