Love’s Story

Love’s story

I see you standing here before me,
In all of your masculine glimmer of glory,
And I thought that I would write this story..... to tell you of my Love.

It happened in a monent....on first sight.
When I saw you that first night.
You were lookin fly and dressed so eyes couldn't believe it, my steps would falter, but they would drink you in like water in a dry and dusty desert mile....and t no.. and that time would be rendered out of feelings surrendered, invading the space between us... drawing near to you.... holding you close.
I reached out to touch your shadow on the wall, but there was nothing there at all. Now my silent teardrops fall... was it just the echo of Love's call? . But now we are together once again....oh the wonder and splendor of it all.

It is true.... from that first moment, it was that I wanted you, your touch, your body holding mine. All of the fortunes included in rhyme, the song they played became yours and mine.....we danced the dance of love sublime... you were all the magic I could find.... I took you in my mind.....and I had you....consumated...consecrated... I was completely satiated.

Angel's dance and devils cry... for they are watching over you and I.....and I know I will not ask will take us, by and by.

It was blue, the color of the sky... that reigned over you and I, and it is no supprise, that we were laughing. Well healed boots are tapping....My breath gasping at the splendor of your smile. I could hardly hold myself upright, in that night.

Tonight, the sight of you made me was your charm that caused the heat and it was your love I should seek.... and your arms.

Other loves have come and gone.
Just like the colors of the setting sun.
You and I will love and our love, well, it is never done.
One look, one glance, becomes our fortune's passion.

What harm can Love do? But it can destroy me and you. When it turns out to not be true. The loves that are few and far between... we find we say words that we never "I Love You" and we wait forever, for Love to come ... and then it is over and love is done.... and we part into the setting sun. Were we finished with Love, before we had begun?

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This Poems Story

When one first falls in love, there is the rapture. Then comes reality and finally reconsideration. I tried to capture this theme with my words.