Love’s Ways – Sestina

November 10, 2015

Love’s Ways - A Sestina

By Alanna Truong

Beside the still river that reflects the golden color of fall,
the lovers walk with steps uncertain.
The water appears in many ways,
not confined like movements of a watch.
The touch of the rivers water is cold,
and grows colder as setting sun casts its golden light.

Darkness takes the light,
as over boulders the crashing waters fall.
The wandering lovers wonder, will our love become cold?
Are forever promises ever for certain?
They must keep a careful watch.
No one knows all the rivers mysterious ways.

The waters divide, like lovers going separate ways.
Lovers burdens are not light.
One can only watch,
when from lofty heights they fall,
and paths become uncertain.
The winters ice make the waters ever more cold .

Yet beneath the sheet of icy cold,
the rivers waters find their way.
This is what is known as certain:
If loves vulnerabilities are exposed to light,
though in a step they fall,
again they can work the setting of the watch.

Glancing at the hands of their watch,
on the wrist, the golden metal, cold,
gives sweet remembrance of fall.
The winter may now have its way,
but spring will come with warm light,
and the lovers then will ascertain:

There may be more unknown than is known for certain,
but through the careful setting of a watch,
the darkness will not overcome the light.
Love will not become cold,
and flowing through the unknown ways,
will not into the dark depths fall.

Again, this is known as certain,
as certain as the rivers expected cold,

and the careful counted seconds of the watch:
that through loves many ways

there shines a light.
Even if lovers falter, the light will not yet fall.

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