I got the chance but I let it go
And now I'm not gonna see him though
It sucks that we ain't got nothing no more
I really liked you, really liked you but that was before
Is it really over? I really don't know
I thought you liked me too but that was a joke
You gave me all the signs but that was a lie
I took it so deep but I was just too blind
I made up a story in my mind
I thought it could happen, wish it did when I had the time
I saw something in your eyes when you looked at me
Thought there was something deeper than the sea
Could it be? I guess I'll never know
You went too fast but I'm still stuck at slow
Some days I wish I could relive
Do you wish that too? Well you should've
You look at me a lot, and I looked away
When I looked at you, you did the same
Our eye contact meant so much
That even the next day came I was thinking a bunch
I'd look at you all day if I had the chance
Well there's no chances left not even for a glance
You got me confused, you got me going crazy
What was it all for? God I'm feeling hazy
You treated me different than everyone else
I wondered why? Was it love? Was it hate?
But still my love wouldn't die
I deleted almost everyone for you
And now you deleted me now I gotta pick up and choose
Should I still be on you or do I let go
But I keep wondering why you let me go
Did you find someone else? Or you just wanted me gone
Fuck it, I gotta move on
But that's the hard part I can't move on
I think I'm in love or am I just wrong
I forget the world when I think of you
Probably never popped in your mind not even a few
I should've never fell so deep
Now I couldn't sleep
Now I think of you every night and every week
I always say I'm done but where is the fun
I kept trying and trying
And i made it too obvious
Did you notice? Did you not?
Even if you did you probably forgot
Forgive me please if I bothered you
I guess I did and you got fed up of me too
So I wrote this song to say how I feel
You'll probably never hear it but my words are for real

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