Loving a Beast

The truth about loving an infantrymen.
It won't be easy.. It never was.
He was always some what a little different,
always wanting something else something new, a sense of knowing.
What One must realize that he signed up during a time of war and
willingly signed those papers knowing that one day
a war is what he may see..
What he didn't know is what came with it.
The nightmares replay over and over in his head
from explosions to cracks of bullets over his head.
But with the bad comes the good. Brotherhood, passion and sacrifice.
So remember when it gets bad and hard and it will,
there's good that goes along with it
knowing that he has felt a love for another
so strong that he would give his life for them
he would sacrifice everything for them,
now it may take some time probably a long time but
one day his love will be as strong as that for you,
war makes people numb
and it can scare some that grow addicted to it but
the truth is boys go in and men come out
with demons on their shoulders.
It won't be easy like I said it never was
but that love is an undying love.

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