Loving Me

You judge me, you hate me
All because I walk tall with a confident smile.
Not realizing that behind that smile was a man with broken steps
And painful frown that never seemed to go away so he grew comfortable
And tried to make life worth while
Every time I look in the mirror I see a failure
That no one seems to care for
So why should I?
I could live life telling everyone that I am happy
But then again I'll be telling a lie
I look at everyone else
And I see all the blessings, and accomplishments
But then I see myself, and I see all these accomplished dents.
All the times I sit, and realize that I am still here
I just want to thank God for all of his love that he's lent.
Even during the times that I ran away
And I couldn't choose sides so I went gray
And I neglected him as a stray, he still made a way
In his eyes I'm still his, so he never let me be.
Thank you Lord for never stop loving me.
Sometimes I feel lost and lonely
I see everyone moving forward, and I'm left behind
There's a lot of times when I can't figure out if I'm going insane
Or if I'm the only one with a sane mind.
The path of my life always seems to repeat itself
Like going in circles on around a straight line.
It's been many days I wished I could pause the clock
And replay the memories of my past like the moment in time.
God saved me, I would've died fighting these demons in my own mind.
So I thank you Lord for never stop loving me.

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