Loving You

All I do is think about you. I replay in my head,
all of the things you've said that were untrue.
All I want is to hold you in my arms.
Why did we have to pull so many false alarms?
Why did you leave me alone when you promised you'd always stay?
Especially when you know I'm broken,
you never should've walked away.
The day you asked me if I've ever been in love, I said, "Yes."
When I should've said, "you're the only one I've ever thought of."
I guess I never understood what love truly was; Until I found you,
I told myself, "the first time was the last time" but,
then I kissed you. You give me butterflies, you make me weak.
I wish I could hold you ever day of the week.
I hate that you promised a love you can't unfold because,
I'm alone in the dark which you have totally set control.
When you read me letters that you've written out in ink,
I begin to wonder why your love is so discreet.
You're the only purpose to why I feel safe.
Why are you so good at making me feel like a disgrace?
If I could wish for just one memory;
It would be the day I met you, that my heart was complete.
I'll never understand what it is about you.
I guess your game is better and,
I became the fool.Before I let you go, I think you should know;
Don't ever let your memories be bigger than your dreams because,
loving someone like you;Is harder than it seems!

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