Loving You Is Like Super Glue

Every time I try to turn away
I always turn around
Every time I back away from you
My heart just can't back down...
Trying not to love you
Is like trying not to breathe
I always end up breathless
Whenever I try to leave...
When I wake up without you
The world just feels so wrong
After making all my dreams come true
Life is a nightmare with you gone...
When tomorrow becomes today
And you're not next to me
I get lost in yesterday
Chasing what used to be...
I'm sorry that I hurt you
I won't hurt you anymore
The only reason I fight with you
Is you're worth fighting for...
Can't you see I love you
Stop looking with your eyes
If you look inside your heart
Then you will finally realize...
I could never live without you
And I don't want to try
The pain of missing you is too much
I think I'd rather die...
I want you now and forever
you know I could never run away
I don't know why I try to
When it's easier just to stay...
Learning to live without you
Is something I could never do
Baby can't you understand
I'm a fool in love with you...

"Loving You Is Like Super Glue" By Chris Nash A.K.A. Spitfire 09/08/2014

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