Low but High but Yet God Save Me

Low but high I am
but yet I can't see the ground
I yell for help but nobody can hear me way up here
I am stuck in my own war of tears and horrible pictures
passing my way
closing my eyes to try to make it all go away but it just won't go
as I sit low but high oh so high in the sky I speak to God
and the angels speak to me
they say just let go of everything you held on to
and God will do the rest
that's His job to help you along the road that you struggle on
but don't close Him out. Because once you do that
that's when things get foggy and you
try to do things on your own
I am here now so please help me
now You see God I am stuck in a rut
I need to get out with all Your love
bring me down off this
so I can live my life and bring the love, happiness
that I used to bring to people's faces and to mine

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