Low Life

Look at my marks look at the trax wut is it u see
"Just another low life junkie"
Smell it on my breath witness the empties in my trunk
"Just another low life drunk"
View the redness of my eyes hear me climb into bed
"Just another low life pot head"
Talking way too fast have to keep everything clean
"Just another low life crack fien"

U only see wut I choose to portray
Didn't hear the words I chose not to say
Bout the person I dreamt I would become
Bout the accomplishments I wish I had done
Bout all the consequences i have learned to accept
Bout all the broken promises I should have kept
So do as u please think of me wut u will
For the judgement u pass won't change cuz im still
"Just another low life crack fien"
Who wishes they weren't so mean
"Just another low life pot head "
Who just wants to keep their family fed
"Just Another low life drunk"
Who wld like place of their own not just homeless shelter bunk
And I'm just another low life junkie
Who will continue to find a way to escape reality......

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