Low Priority Case

Your morals are low.
Your still not on death row.
Probation doesn't make crimes stop.
I'm no cop.
Happiness you can't buy.
Not all criminals die.
I was afraid.
We never got saved.
There was no where to go.
There was no one to know.
I knew it was & is wrong.
At 12 I was weak not strong.
I had no where safe to belong.
I had no friend not even in the end.
No one to call or send.
I had to wait until he was gone & it was over.
It took to long before I told her.
No one wants to hear what's true.
Only me & my sister knew.
The S.D.P.D. don't protect & serve.
Pedofiles never get what they deserve.

Author Notes :

(A true story.
Police said 20 years later
it was a low priority case
& that it would take a really long time,
so I never reported it.)

© Harmony Sapphire . All rights reserved

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