Loyal Soil

It's too late for my city, I'm the youngest nigga reppin'.
Twenty one in three days just like my young nephew what a blessing.
Rearrange my thoughts.
Circulate through my decisions.
Recognize my truths.
Meditate inside your wisdom.
Paint a vivid picture, swisher sweets inside my backpack.
Mary Jane in my pocket, I got to keep her on contact.
Pain throughout my veins.
My black is so beautiful.
Whip me until I bleed, box me into a cubicle.
Judge me and never hug me.
Call me a bunch of names.
Destroy my entire culture, put the papers in flames.
Supply us numerous ghettos, feed is nothing but drugs.
Take away all our fathers, show us everything but love.
I'll never be a statistic.
Horrific visions of systems just make me wanna go ballistic.
God bless you, anyway. White man.
I say God bless you for destruction, capitilizing on land and giving the man nothin'.
Don't ask me why I'm upset or passionate.
Four hundred years later and natives are still crashing in.
Loyal soil.

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