Lucid Dream

I dream of a dream,
Sitting in a dark with the sky starless,
With you by my side and everything seems harmless,
A dream where we live in a cabin dancing alone,
With peaceful thoughts this place is our home,
Where I open my eyes in the morning and only see you,
Then I will kiss you in the forehead like I always do.
I would go home,
And you would be there to welcome me back,
You would be there even if the sky will turn to black,
You would be there to hold me when I'm stressing out,
You would motivate me and try to help me with no doubt.

But this place, a cabin in the woods,
It's impossible to posses because it's too good.
It's hard to have something you really want the most,
It's genuinely hard even though it's close,
This place is beautiful when shone by the moonbeam,
But this place is not real, it's only a lucid dream.

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