Lucid Dream

Engaged in dream upon my bed
While strolling by the market square
In clearest form I saw you there;
My breath stopped with my feet
Mid-morning bright this scene was set
With azure sky fixed overhead
Yet all the wonder round me spread;
Was lost when I saw thee
For I beheld your golden locks
Which brighter than the sunrays dropped
And when you turned the whole earth stopped;
As your eyes fixed on me
Like emerald jewels they seemed to shine
As beaming back my smile replied
Without a word, we intertwined;
How loud the heart doth speak
For far too long had been the days
Since last I touched thy loving face
And all those hours were now erased;
Just gazing on thy cheeks
Then in rippling bands of grey
As water touched then drifts away
In consciousness my eyes awaked;
"Alone" my heart conceived
But grueling mornings must begin
As life goes on, I'm tethered hence
Still looking, hoping at days end;
To find you in my dreams

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