Lucky as her

She’s so lucky, even though she has a broken heart, her soul is still intact.
She will never know the sick feeling in her gut, the helplessness from words so cold and the chilling blackness in his empty eyes.
Though she is sad and she cries, she is still in her home. She has never been locked out with her children with nowhere to go and no one to turn to. I envy her. She is angry but she is not hopeless. How did she get so lucky? What does she know about men that I do not? She couldn’t imagine a life without her family, but I was turned against mine. Flying….she has never been sent flying down the stairs or into a wall, yet she is crying herself to sleep tonight. I wish I was so lucky. Red is the color of her love but to me red are the sirens of the police showing up to save me from him. Forgiveness..she forgives him for leaving her but I forgive him for abusing me time and time again and he never leaves me. I wish I was her. I finally find freedom only to be in yet another cage. She will never be trapped, only in love one day and heartbroken the next. She knows not to move into his home and to not let him move into hers.. Why do I not know these things? One day I wish to be smart like her. And she will wish to be brave like me.

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