Lucky Charm

Grade 4 | Age 10 | 09/04/16

I was coming home from school, when I saw,
On the ground was, a clover shaped charm!
I was curious so i picked it up, not knowing whose it is,
So I take it home, to show to Liz.

Liz tells me later, putting it on my arm,
that it’s very special, cause’ it’s a “Lucky Charm”.
I get in bed excited, I want to sing a song,
because one thing I know, is that my sister’s never wrong!

The very next morning, I jump out of bed,
This is bad, we’re all out of bread!
I guess the charm hasn’t worked yet, well that’s okay,
I still have lot’s of time, the rest of the day.

I got to school happily, cause I know,
today is taco day and we get to watch a show.
Sadly my teacher was, very sick,
she couldn’t even tell the substitute, about our flick.

The bad luck didn’t stop, anytime in school,
And I had to do swimming, lessons at the pool!
After swimming my back, ached a lot,
and I stopped by McDonald’s, to get ice-cream with nought.

And what do you know, they were all out of ice-cream,
I walk home glum, feeling like I might scream.
I rub my hand annoyed, something I do when sad,
I then said “I wish things were more glad.”

At home nothing happened, nothing went BANG!,
but out of nowhere, the phone suddenly rang.
I picked it up , but didn’t recognize the caller,
the guy screamed on speaker, YOU WON HALF A MILLION DOLLARS!!!!

Everyone cried happily, they could buy a farm,
my sister winked at me, because we knew it was the charm.
The money didn’t last, for very long,
I’d grown up, and had to get a job.

It was much harder, than I’d ever thought,
But I was creative, so I sold flying yachts!
That made me much more money, than I’d ever earned,
But do you know my secret?

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