lucky I am

She wets me while I wash her down with both of her feet splish splashing as there crashing into the water.
And each time she smiles as if already knowing she could do no wrong holding such a big part of my heart being that she's my daughter.
I bathe her delicately full of nerves staring at the beauty of my little girl. Thinking of how taking care of her versus my son are two entirely different world's.
It is said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder,
so I think of how lucky I am every moment to be holding her.
In her towel she peeks out of an opening though unable to see her mouth I know she's smiling when I see her cheeks rise.
So she pulls two ends together to cover her angelic face and peeks again as if to say-surprise.
And it is, every time for every time I see her beauty it's as if it were the 1st.
And I'm left mesmerized thinking how I could I have so much love for my child that's grown more and more since birth.
My wife jokes saying "that girl is gonna have you wrapped around her finger you'll see.
And I respond very macho "no way not me it's not how you figure" ofcourse not speaking very truthfully.
It doesn't take much to realize I need her more than she needs me.
Bringing balance to my universe, her and my big boy sharing the task equally.
The love I've to give he's been getting and now I'm geared so she gets hers as well.
Already falling victim to the stereotype of daddy's little girl and I think she can tell.
Through her smiles and giggles and the smirks that she shows.
Is her way of saying your mine now daddy and I'll never let you go.

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