Lucky the Labrador

We drove to the veterinary hospital,
Our dog, Lucky,
He had such grave pain,
We hoped that it was minor,
But the vet had much to say:

He has but a few months,
That childhood dog that you love,
Be sure to hug him, overfeed him,
And give him tons of love.

But on he kept going,
That steady hill he climbed,
He limped ever so happily,
Plenty of love still in his eyes.

We had him three more years,
"Never!" the vet said,
Has she seen an osteosarcoma dog,
Live for so much longer,
Lay so comfortably in his bed.

That final week we had him,
We knew that it was time,
But he hung on quite calmly,
That look of insubordination in his eyes.

One day I came home from class,
That sunny day in June,
He came and sat with each one of us,
We knew that it was soon.

Then he went outside happily,
And sunbathed like you do,
When you know that you are dying,
But you want it to be smooth.

So we called his name quite loudly,
And rushed to his side,
But already taken was his last breath,
Now we knew Lucky had just said goodbye.

He laid his head to rest,
In his favorite sunny spot,
Behind my Dad's big boat,
So very kindly to all of us.

I see him everywhere I go,
In other dogs I meet,
I'm sure I will see him again,
Perhaps within the next dog I see.

I'll always remember his goodbye,
As unpleasant as it was,
He faced death so compassionately,
So as not to upset us-

It was his final act of comradery,
To us, the very children,
That he always protected,
And loved without question.

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