Tired of trying to find a smile, I settle on finding sleep.
I drift away to the lullaby of clouds as they weep.
The trees knock at my windows but cannot reach me in my dreams.
Heart and mind reconcile, both tending to battered esteems.
The next morning is not guaranteed, but through my eyelids I sense daylight.
I blink back the confusion from a distant, lonely night.

Cold rain has fallen for days, smearing my painted perfection.
I’ve been at war with myself, but this morning God brought an exception.
Yellow has protruded from gray. A blanket of snow has coated the ground.
Wonder fills my sleepy eyes. Forgotten memories are found.
Ones of careless running and laughing then collapsing to find rest.
The white reflects a radiance that is mirrored within my chest.

I step outside into a familiar wind of a Mid-December day.
A tattered yet determined passion inside me runs astray,
eagerly absorbing each piece of this peaceful day.
A child again, I decide to treat the world as a place to play.
Eventually my sleepy heart sets upon me with the sun,
for another night of endless thought where sleep is the only place to run.

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