On the darkest of days and the lightest of nights,
Transformations right before your very eyes.
Attitudes change moods with no reason to still,
Like being trapped in a car with a madman at the wheel.
Tempers flare with an raging intensity,
So passersby can hear the carnage intermittently.
Till the rest of us have been drug along,
They will not stop until they're done.

For its partly not the fault of these lunatics you see,
Stuck in a cycle rarely felt by you and me.
Every 28 days they'll be staring at the moon,
It doesn't matter if its December or June.
These days and nights are filled with chaos and loss,
Troubled times like these do more than simply cost.
Friendships or relationships they have been known to stop,
But these lunar cycles won't still the clock.

So before you believe that the moon only controls,
the ebb and flow of the tide and how surf rolls.
That light that shines at night brilliant and bright,
Can take hold of someone you know adding fright.
To an already bad situation you might find yourself in,
Take a moment to collect yourself then.
Maybe you look to the skies and no longer wonder why,
This could be happening tonight of all nights.

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