Lust After Love

Deep infatuation has brought me closer to your heart.
Love's manifestation has me thinking we'll never be apart.
You've piqued my interest far beyond any woman.
So it was expected for your day to come at any moment.
Visions of me & you, plus two, with a big ol' house, and a babies crib.
To see your smile with my sons running around is what I live.
I'm awestruck how I ponder 'so far we have come....'
I'm dumbfounded how I know our journey has just begun.
We've been in this some years, and I can see the continuation.
With so many obstacles put forth, with you I'll embrace it.
Whether finances, depression, sickness, whatever; we'll face it.
But unknowingly I've noticed that lust is my greatest temptation.
With this ring on my finger, thus commitment says I only have one.
With this drink in my hand, thus desires say I'm only having fun.
Back home I'm coming alone to only one good woman.
At the clubs I'm putting on for the women by the dozens.
Your aura, your comfort, your companionship is what I notice.
But her bust, her booty, her body is what I get in to, I'm hoping.
Your words of encouragement truly preach to me.
But her Instagram photos in that bikini really beseech to me.
She's like "I see you liking my pics. 😉 Tell me what's up?"
I'm like "Girl you got it going on, but you not showing enough 😜"
She said "Well maybe I could show you more if you come right over? 😘"
I reply "Wait 'til my wife sleep, then imma let you know when I'm closer 😆"
Did I really expose that I'm about to commit an act of adultery?
I keep the good book by my bedside, in my ride, and in my back pocket but the devil is getting close to me.
Now on my way to this girl's quarters, I'm contemplating "Should I really do this?
Or should I take my ass back home for the sake of faithful prudence? "
With deeper interrogation of myself I should put love before lust.
And let my lady, my woman, my confidant, my companion, my WIFE know everything to regain her trust.
And so, the reparations of our relationship is handled with good faith by the man up above.
With lesson learned as I continue through with our life not to put lust before love....

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