Lust and desire

She felt his gaze
She heard his moan
She knew his hunger was her own
She brushed finger upon his lips
As he placed his hands on her hips
Passion burning bright throughout their souls
They heard the rhythm of their silent song

In his arms she knows she is meant to be
For through hit touch he has given her
Wings to soar as one, wild and free
In his eye’s she could see the beauty he hold’s
Deep within waiting to unfold upon her
She unknowingly let’s him in her heart
Ready to love and let her pain melt away

He is the owner of her heart, the only one with the key
The thought of him leaving was her greatest fear
But she knew what they shared was nothing more
Then lust and desire, so she let him slip through
Her fingers

Now that he is gone she can see
With all the love he gave her, she has grown stronger
So deep inside her heart she will always remember
The fondest memories he gave her.
Although there is no other that could hold her heart
Like him, she shall never pass his way again.

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