Lust Can Never Be Logical

Longing for you from the moment I saw you
Unlimited my musings seem to be each time I
See you, my fantasies are much more vivid each
Time you walk through that door.

Cascades of emotions rip through me
Anger, love, hate, desires.
Nefarious thoughts of what we could do to each other.

Needing to make each thought into reality to
Escape the darkness that has always
Vexed me.
Enraged inside and fighting because it can never be.
Rest now only comes upon exhausting myself so that I cannot think.

Balancing my reality with insane dreams that will never
Exist. Why must I continue this?

Lost I become in a momentary and innocent touch.
Orchestrating new daydreams that will never happen
Gazing for hours into nothingness where
I am completed.
Crashing and burning, when realizing that it can never be.
Anxiously dealing with you in
Life, and dreaming constantly of what could be in a different world.

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