Lust is a Demon

Lust is a demon
It attacks all and everyone;
Never does it bother about,
The cores of even a couth.

Two kinds, the demon meets;
Good a prey while the evil its kin;
With valour and might it can combat,
With just the other end, in energies!

The one who falls prey,
Pity, Oh pity ! I do say;
Neither does it realise the fact,
Nor can unsign the unseen pact!

The other is a warrior,
Bravest of all, I will call;
Kills the demonest of all times,
And pillars, more alike naive rhymes.

Inmate becomes the slave,
Of the demon with ease;
Who slays the soul's grace,
As an assassin's embrace.

That sucks it's innate purity,
And hollows it from in;
Past a caged, mids a slave,
Now, a toy with sheer play, indeed ?

No voice now, no power;
No guts, but a toy coward !
For itself, not for the world, oh dear!
The face is different, far from here!

Hence I do, reveal a secret keen,
None does know who's sitting in;
Is it any among the sad triune,
Or the insane warrior with boon?

Barred with invisible hatred,
An isolation from the sane pool !
If you find it all within,
Lust is your prey and love your tool !

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A critical poem with a stony perspective!