Lust Lost

Why is it so hard to love me
Hold me and make me feel good
Instead you sit there with beer in hand
Like a statue made out of wood
Watching TV and talking to yourself
Like I'm simply not even there
And if I speak, it's to an empty room
'Cause you don't seem to care
Years slipped by and my beauty is gone
The nice curves I had hilly with fat
I'm now lonely and tired and clinging to hope
That you'll smile and see past all that
Nothing has changed inside me
I'm still that same witty, lovable girl
If only you'd look at me like you once did
Causing my toes to curl
I smile as I look back on those past days
When there was lust and fun in your eyes
Then I look at you sitting alone in that chair
And a little more of my happiness dies

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