Lustful Love


Selling me dreams
Just to make me smile
Only to break my heart
Opening the flood gates
Successfully make me cry
Sold me gold
Held with promises of diamonds
Gray clouds overhead
No room for the sun
Lust disguised as love
The perfect camouflage
Blended intricate patterns
Interwoven to create one masterpiece
Lustful Love
Your kisses softly graced my lips
As tunder storms shattered my heart
Courageously catching me before I fall
Your touch was so intense
A euphoria of freedom
Only to be held captive of your demands
Willingly subitting to your sexual desires
Thinking I was doing something fulfilling
You were being fully filled
In ways that I will like to explain
But really who will gain
Not me
I allowed you to be my voice
Gritting your teeth
Masculinity rigorously asking
"Who's Your Daddy?"
Like a stage play
I simply answered
"You Are Daddy"
Just another lie I was trained to obey
Lustful Love
I'm not getting it twisted
There were times you hit it right
Some moans were real
But some was not quite
Caught in your fictitious web
Although you caressed me with rose petals
Your thorns dig deep
Exposing raw flesh
Covering my wounds with sweets
Sugar coated red ants
Broken pieces made beautiful
A pleasant confection of lust
Self fulfilling
But never enough
Fed my flesh
Deprived my soul
Kudos to lust
Disguised as love

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