Where is Mabel? Where is Mabel? Tell me now!
Lost at sea? Lost at sea? I cannot see how.
The wind slaps my face; the rain burns my brain.
I started the boat, and it churns like a train.
I'm tossed and whipped--struggling against wind and rain
Working together--reliving His crucifixion again.
Mabel! Mabel! Wind is suffocating my life;
Mabel! Mabel! Rain is cutting me like a knife.
Tag teamed by a ferocious and unforgiving duo;
Throwing and striking me as masters of Judo.
Mabel....Mabel! One last attempt I make.
"Die,"screamed the wind, "or you life I will take!"
Then thrown onto a solid liquid I fell.
"My turn,"pitter-patter, the rain expels!
With all my strength, I regain control,
Up the boat I go, let's rock and roll.
With renewed strength, two other foes I see,
Off the chart decibels begin to deafen me.
A monstrous light strikes--I cannot see.
Ah, I win the battle of the Coral Sea!
What is that I see? O' the Pearly gates!
I wonder if my love, Mabel, awaits.
"Percy, your love is death, 'tis true,"
Mabel, my death is love for you.

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