Arise O fiery sun
let your rays burn'
the head of our Machiavelli
who cares not for the people
but their belly pot.
They promise only on White paper
and make laws to deal with the poor.
A man who scoop oil to survive get jail
while at the Capital they scoop ships and get hail.
Another man steals one Naira he gets the chains.
While our Machiavellis steals millions and get a plea bargain.
No light, no water, no food, no.....
How can they feel our pain when
they have big generators, water board and a market in their bedrooms!
Their luxurious cars will not let them notice the bad roads
thanks to aeroplanes they can always fly for medical treatment
while their children gets the best education abroad.
The rich keeps getting richer
the poor keeps getting poor'
thats why they keeps hiking prices daily
from school fees, to electricity bills and anything bill.
What will the ordinary man do?
The sun is up!

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