Maybe not now, but someday will come

The regret will hit you hard, your tears empty bullets from your own gun

It's not just the hand you are dealt, but also how you play your cards

Oh, how quickly the moon forgot about the sun, but that's what she gets I suppose for mistaking them for being one

If you only really knew just how far in her life she had come, or the impact of the heartless words that you left behind with her two sons

Facing cold, hard truth that to you I was just another girl, if you had the chance to see yourself through her eyes, you would've caught a glimpse of her whole world

You were everything I thought that I wanted in a man, fate brought our worlds together, we fell in love or so I thought, and started making plans

How can you get down on one knee and ask me to be your wife, That's not a game to play with anyone's heart, to a weak soul it could've cost them their life

If you never intended to love me completely why'd you make me feel that way?

I knew when your attention became divided, there was nothing left really to do or say, the instant switch of your affection was just like night and day

I did everything I could to make things right, to make our house into a home

One minute I felt that I couldn't live without you, the next I get left all alone

At one very special moment in time, I was truly convinced our love was real not blind, production depends on the strength and power of the mind

The only way to heal the pain inside is a little extra time, a lot of love inside your heart, and a peaceful state of mind

Some moments in my life I can say I regret, I wish that I could just push rewind

In a powerful conscience state, can't run from the hands of fate, or the nothings whispering envy and hate

Displaced anger and sweet revenge just may be the icing on the cake

I made friends with the demons in my head, a change of pace convict to soccer mom? I'll have better odds switching my race, my life shining o so bright in your eyes and all over your face

Wisdom is priceless yet rarely searched for these days and it doesn't always come with age

The world is at your fingertips each day is a brand new page, every couple of years a brand new phase

Through your winded journey its own collection of all the ups and downs, persevering through all of your sins and mistakes

Never stop progression, old goals or new dreams, the life that you deep down long to live isn't as far away as it seems,

We crossed paths for a reason, a duo of valuable lessons each moment its own smiles and frowns

We laughed, we cried, we grew together, separating never crossed my mind

Now that line is dead gone and stepped over, I now get mad at myself for being so ignorant and blind

Thank you for the lessons of never doubting my intuition, finally picking up my pieces of sanity and bringing them back to reality one at a time

I'm glad I found out sooner then later, the rest of my life each step a new opportunity to be independent and shine

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