Mad As A Hatters Son

Teacups, peanuts, and applesauce
I just licked a dirty frog
Why you ask?
Because I pleased!
and those bees, well they seen me
I don't care said the mad hatters son
who-who, said no one
up there! up there!
Stare at the sun
You silly willy hatters son
you can't stare at the sun
unless you block those rays with your mothers hair bun
Come back come back oh little one
Why are you scared ?
Oh you didn't know madness runs in your blood
Where does the madness come from you ask?
simple! simple! its from our hats!
The seams stay stuck with mercury
But look how pretty they are when there done
If that's the price, the price we pay
then that's quite okay
now join us for our tea
Embrace our abnormalities
the cat hidden in the tree will be waiting for thee
but until he shows his face again
enjoy the madness we've begun

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