Made For Me

artificial intelligence
a reality of irrelevance
imagination of a nation
that feeds off the lack of evidence
ignore the ineptitude of relief
instead of acceptance of the grief
understand we make energy to release
to teach others how and why I speak
why I sing oh the joy it brings
unlike a toy that's just a thing
its the removal of the mask that determines how you act
you're casted in a movie but ignorant to all the facts
your given what you want and you think its what you need
only real need peace and love but you gotta plant the seed
so elevate you mind
forget the illusion of time
many thing created to define you
in a society that is blind
they made rule to rule us
oppression push us and pull us
a sadistic sense of humor
wonder why we cant be cooler
open you eyes and refine the "inner me"
realize your real wise
theres no time for enemies
a state of mind "oneness"
a connection centrally

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