She made flowers grow inside my lungs,
yes they were beautiful.
But I couldn't breathe.

She is not someone you understand.
She is someone you watch, someone you use, someone you mourn.
She is made for love but love was not made for her.
Everything about her runs deeper than in you;
her madness is truer,
her mind brighter and better broken,
and her anguish is in her bones,
not her blood- Ophelia

I was expecting it but it still hurt.
I had so much I wanted to say,
but the words never found my mouth,
instead they silently pored from my eyes.

I remembered a quote from Edwin Louis Cold
"you don't drown by falling in the water;
you drown by staying there."

And in the shafts of light from the water 100 feet below
it was quiet and cold and no-one ever bothered her again.

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