Madness' Sweet Breath

Silenced is hushed through the coiled lips of a child, imaginary figmentations the reality considered true
If a delusion were the truth, would the girl know how to use natural discernment
A giant figure, then a small one, is she only imagining this reality
To the screams of pain, to the voices she hears, oh can a child know
Would you give her a dose of madness, a dose of imagination, is it Wonderland
Only the story of Alice can relate, her imagination beyond what was delusioned

May the story begin, the transition from sanity to the depths of the human mind
A little blue and red pill placed in her mouth, and a consoling man only looks on
Doctor, may he be called, the trusted figure upheld within society
Gives the pill, the life-saving invention for the deficient minded

How insanity continues may life in the mind, may be up to the mind itself
How a little girl can see such things, hear them, and yet believe in such things
May the silence be whispered through the door, silenced
With only peering eyes may the story continue

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This Poems Story

The introduction of insanity and mental illness at a young age is a debilitating experience for children, reflecting the very thoughts of a child undergoing a psychotic phase is a interest.