~Magical Mind~

I am wiccan, I am witch
I walk the ancients ones path a beautiful disaster
With the magical mind
A mystical spirit who carries the fire inside
Creativity, knowledge and divine
Inside the magical mind
Where all the dark and light
Forces of magic dwells
A beautiful creature that dances and sings
In her loneliness under the silver Moon
With the lovely lady Goddess of night
Embracing me in her white light glory
I am the spell caster whose church is nature
And loves all living things
I spin round and round in my spiral dance
Inside the magical circle ring
The spirits of this power place
Wait and they slumber
Sing from your heart and wake the spirits
We must honor the spirits of this place
The spirits sleep in all
The named and nameless things
Follow my song as best as you can
Sing from your heart
The spirits want to hear your voice
Spirits love beauty and we are here to learn
When the fields arc with falling light
All return to the dream
There is no world here
Where the Sun rises and the Sun sets
There is only the Great Spirit
Spinning I sing inside the singing place
I was in the presence of illuminated souls
This is sacred. You are standing
At the edge of a great abyss
A mystical journey across time
Until there is no space
I'll sing you for desirelessness
I'll sing you for emptiness
It is a pride of sorrow for the blindness
That everywhere surrounds her

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    A mystical meditation