A true magician never reveals her secret,
but in the grand scheme of things I’ll let you
conjure up an ill replica of who you think I am.
Destiny, susurration your tongue makes as it
eagerly begs for a taste of sticky honey.
For my laugh breaks decades of shadowed walls.
Grazing cracked borders.
Hazardous to gentle ears, but
igniting the bleak souls.
Jarring ghosts eclipse warm energy, smothering
Kindness from my smile.
Looking into a mirror I can’t find
Numbing my pride, I
Oppress my doubt
Prayers shoot up in the sky as I ask a man
quietly for answers to the unknown.
Rescue me from plunging into an infinitive
Save me.
Trails and tribulations of your potions,
unifying unmissable mixtures. A
vain attempt to creative divinity. We imitate others because we don’t know love who we are . My
x-ray shows I’m more than manifestation of bones.
Yesterday’s issues and today’s resolve. How are you
zealous to clone me?

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