It's hard sometimes, when people are changing their lives
To understand each other or even talk
I am struggling for independence
And to live my own way
And sometimes we both struggle for the strength to let me do it
But you're the tether, the phone line connection
My gravity, my grounding
And there are always some magnets you can't detach
And no matter how hard you try
They will always add their positive to your negative
Life was given through your love
A life of opportunity and privilege
And every move, every smile
Is granted from you
I won't want to see the love, I won't want to know it
But you are a permanent instagram filter
An eye floater that I can blur but never lose
A cookbook for living
Thank you for being my magnet
And for giving me loud opinions
Thank you for running the race alongside me
For Food Network snuggles
And for always asking me questions
I hope to one day be able to articulate all that you have given me
But for now, I can only remind you
That I love you

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