Mailbox Lady

Let me tell you about a neighbor of mine
If you listen and have the time
I simply call her the Mailbox Lady
And I'm pretty sure her name's not "Sadie"

She clicks her mailbox all day long
I wish someone would make this a song
She never gets any mail, but she clicks it seven days a week
All day long, just to take a peek

Every three minutes, just in time
What? You didn't think I could make this rhyme?
Even when the mailman's come and gone
She still clicks it! I'm so forlorn!

Even on Sunday! It's so much fun!
Well good people, I really have to run!

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This Poems Story

The Mailbox Lady is inspired by a real person who never gets any mail, not even junk mail. And I even made a sequel to this story poem. She does other things in between clicking. This also has a recognized ribbon on fan story. The boss at Christmas was published in American Poetry Anthology 1980, page 412, Fall and Winter book 3 & 4 and garnished 2 ribbons overnight. 3 Reviews, 118 views. I made a sequel for that too. He now runs a church and is still cheap as ever, 30 years later. It's on Birthday 9/1/54