Majestic Falls

The reflection in the water shows your future, present, and past
Reflecting, your beautifulness alas
I think about you in my dreams
Just like those magical streams
I fell for you like a waterfall, in a forest, on the Earth
Like you, a warm fiery hearth

The rushing water whispers to you as it flows
In your mind, your dreams and goals grow
You hear the splash and the whoosh of the roaring stream
When you float on the crystal water
Peaceful and cleansing electricity course through your veins
Whilst the water trembles like trembling trains

On bright orange evenings, you lie on the hammock
Watching the opalescent aqua rushing over rocky terrestrial land
As the water falls, it’s howling while erupting it’s white bubbly foam
Magical waterfalls will always roam

Luminous in the morning sun
Shining down while the falls run
Luminous during the night time moon
The falls flow darkly until the sun reaches noon
The stream and water will never end
Just like our love will never bend

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