Majestic Quest

Colorful glowing rainbows,
Sparkling gleaming rivers that flow.
A powerful mighty god that knows.
Miles of green grass that grows.
Front & back yards to mow.
Fierce strong hurricanes that blow.
Pure white cold falling snow.
A set of ten fingers & toes.
Birthday gifts wrapped with bows.
A Bright yellow sun that glows.
I drove to a hidden cove.
Off a cliff a seagull dove.
A pelican layed down on green cloves.
Loud noise I truly loath.
At the beach I am fully clothed.
My mind in a daze
because of your confusing ways,
a temporary phase.
Your intentions a haze.
I follow you through this maze.
Long hot nights & summer days.
Crowds of people in a craze.
Money is what fundraisers try to raise.

© Harmony Sapphire . All rights reserved

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