And I love the way your eyes light up
When you think I'm funny
And how your eyebrows raise with every expression
And I adore your eyes
Whether they're green or blue,
Because I never can decide.
I love how you are weak
And yet that makes you ever stronger
And you refuse to let me believe
That I am any less than perfect,
When you are far better after all.
And I will never forget the way you first kissed me
Or how you always trusted me
With everything you had.
I will always adore your dimples
And the freckles
Scattered across your skin
And no matter how many times I try to count them,
I lose track of numbers
And start counting reasons why I love you
But I lose count of those too.
Because I love you like the dew falls every dawn,
And how the infant is ever trusting in his mother
Whom he is still getting to know.
Because after all, I really do believe
You love me too.

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