Make A Change

Blind eyes that only see your mistake
Kind, nice and friendly but just plastic
Mind size so tiny and thoughts so toxic
Find lies in dirty and corrupt politic.

Worst lies, lies beyond our imagination
Cursed lives, lives in total desperation
Forced sights, sights us for expectation
Immerse fights, fights for our nation.

There are times that you'll get lost
In this difficult world just like a puzzle
Even if you try your best to boost
Your confidence, you'll still struggle.

When you see nothing but darkness
Then you'll feel afraid and hopeless
Everything you do seems pointless
Nobody's there and you're helpless.

People drowning in the sea of debt
Lots of witnesses who see the death
Todays generation must see the date
Before this nation turns to sea of death.

Internet that was a two-edged sword
Deadly words like an old-aged sword
We must make this a free-aid world
So everyone will have a lovely world.

You should be a good influence
Share with others your experience
And make amends for all of your sins
So that all of this will make sense.

Then be wise and take the right action
Open your eyes and widen your vision
Hear the cries of people in this nation
There's a prize for making this mission.

Be a helping hand to those who need
And someday all of us can procede
To a wonderfull world without greed
Then all we have to do is to believe.

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