Make America Great Again

By Nana   

Why do we discriminate the colored?
Is it because we were raised by a colored mother?
Is it because we're strong?
Or is being black just simply wrong?
Now is not the time to fight
We should all look into the light
We should all have equal rights
When will we take the time to open our eyes and realize that being who we are starts with having pride?

To be black in America, is to be 'wack' in America especially when you're a female.
Seen as weak and humble as if they’d never prevail.
Then here comes the triple threat; lesbian, female, and black
And all of a sudden, humanity feels under attack.
They hate a challenge that they can't handle so in order to shut us up..
They belittle us and call us names like tar baby, blackie, or slut
It's used as public humiliation, to force us to follow the rules
'Those who are black in America are always destined to lose'

Shamed for the foods we eat, the clothes we wear, the games we play, and being poor
But these colored people in America are black and so much more
Insightful, intelligent, compassionate, committed
To making America great again,
Where everyone is permitted

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