Make Him known

Whether beating or broken I find my hearts swollen
Open up to clean it out I find that its been stolen
Replaced, a thousand times before
By pieces of the past now the future I explore
The pain, I will attempt to mend it with time
Replace the gap with drugs and lies, start to numb my mind
I began to understand
A guiding hand controls the man
All the rest are lies
Hiding deep inside
Taking different shape and form like a changing tide

All the pain inside helped me decide
Set the guards of my heart aside
Start to unwind and find
The emptiness that controlled my mind
It was never there
It was already dead
Read my story, I've told it
Fold it
Tuck it in and put it to bed
Now you can rest your head
You know the soul buried in your chest has a home
The years passed by, deep in your mind the thoughts did roam
Now you've found the Son but your not done
It's time to tell others about it
Scream it
Shout it
Don't doubt it
So others may see it
Believe it
Every moment
You showed Him
Lying on your knees
Begging Please, cure this disease!
you found Him, your cured, Now all I have to say
The darkness is absent
Every day is a new day

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