Make me a Sandwhich

Make me a sandwich

Make me a sandwich oh dearest please,
All the right condiments with bread, meat, and cheese,
And if you would be so kind as soon as you’re done,
Fetch me a newspaper, a cigar, and my favorite shooting gun,
Me and the boys plan to have a glorious day,
Shooting, Drinking, and Smoking all our cares away,
And once I return far from sober,
You will give me your body until my pleasure is over,
I will thrust and stab causing you great pain,
Cause my kinks and perversions are what keep me sane.
And though you’ll be bruised, beaten, and bedridden
Ill kiss you good night and all will be forgiven.
But until that time of glorious ecstasy,
Make me a sandwich oh dearest please.
No reply came from his wife,
She set out the sandwich in front of him,
Oh, thank you my lover, my honey, my dear,
Could you be as so sweet and go fetch me a beer?
No reply came from his wife,
Instead she held the devils 45-caliber Glock in hand and shot his brains out.
Chunks of brain goop onto the sandwich and for once in her life clairvoyance was present and all was good.

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