Make Me Okay

Is it okay to cry now?

I'm lying on the floor in a puddle

of what once kept me dry from all the rain.

Is it okay to cry now?

Every truth has come crashing down

like the lie that was your picture on my wall.

Is it okay to cry now?

Left alone with memories fading painfully slower

than the feelings you once had for me.

Is it okay to cry now?

Looking into the mirror,

staring into eyes missing the soul you stole

from them. Hating the reflection missing happiness

that once was there.

Is it okay to cry now?

Once upon a time, you wiped away my tears.

Now the levy is broken and they're flowing

free, with no one left to care.

I've lost all hope in holding back.

I can't help but cry now.

Here I lie, dying slowly from the thing that

once kept me so alive.

Forgetting what living once felt like.

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