Makers Mark

Furies fast of makers mark, to chart up on the seas
For it's the past, the moment starts for new memories
Aye thy flickering to shine a light with thee
Fortnight shall pass such history
"Oh" said caution to the wind, "Such sword is mighty
that the pen can make such a mockery."
"Such as divine in province," said the chief of mischief malingering,
"That thou can conceive such the fate of thou penning mockery."

Quench the night for daylight thirst in it's longevity
That thou morning has arisen such gifted memories
Oh but the baker of the sun reigned down such rays of light
And wiped the moon from the face of this beauteous daylight
How thou wish for such a gift as the sun shall see
The moon will once again take over; it's night stars just for thee
"Halt thy moon!" said the sun in it's bakery
For not until I set, shall I give thee company

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